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UltraBlock Narrowband 2" filtras


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  • Gamintojas: Orion (USA)

Dramatically Improves Views of Emission and Planetary Nebulas

The UltraBlock is the filter for deep-sky observers located at highly light-polluted sites. Blocks all forms of light pollution - mercury vapor and sodium emission bands - while passing the critical hydrogen-beta and ionized oxygen wavelengths.

With an UltraBlock, emission and planetary nebulas "surface" from the washed out background sky. In dark skies, the UltraBlock also enhances the sky presence of a significant number of fainter deep-sky objects over unfiltered and wideband-filtered views. Available in 1.25" and 2"and as a thread-on for rear cells of Schmidt-Cassegrains.

Some nebulas like M27 or M42 will appear with enhanced details even in the city, and some nebulas like The Veil - will show you amazing details in the dark place!!!

All filters come with the instruction manuals and individual transmission characteristics.

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