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TMax Tuner


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All SolarMax series filters from 2002 to the present day, and most SolarMax 40's, have come with a T-max as standard equipment. Contrary to a widely held perception the T-Max does not act as a tuning device but actually de-tunes the filters towards the Blue end of the H-Alpha line. It accomplishes this by changing the angle at which the light passes though the Etalon. Situated directly behind the SolarMax unit it is comprised of two black plates, set screws, and a knurled knob that, when turned, causes the two plates to separate. One remains parallel to the telescopes objective cell while the other creates an angle between the etalon and the objective cell. This angle is less than .7 degree. Any more of an angle and the filter will be removed completely off band. Within the T-Max range of movement there will be the optimal view, further tilting, in either direction, than the T-Max allows will not result in a better view.

What does it do?

Some events on the Sun,- notably active flares and coronal mass ejections (CME), are extremely fast moving. If such features occur on the disc of the Sun, their high velocity towards the observer results in their wavelength being Doppler shifted shorter than Ha. If the velocity is high enough, this wavelength could be outside the passband of the filter and the feature would not be observable. The T-Max allows the user to de-tune the Solarmax slightly to bring such phenomena into better visibility.

Coronado TMax Tuner


40, 60, 90, & 140mm

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