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Lumicon Reflektoriaus - Refraktoriaus 2" Easy Guider sistema


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The low-profile Lumicon 2in Newtonian/Refractor Easy-Guider is one of the most powerful astrophotography accessories available today. The Lumicon Newtonian Easy-Guider incorporates a unique, patented, radial adjustment for finding bright, off-axis guide-stars. It also features rotational adjustment, along with a large pick-off prism, both of which help to make bright guide-star selection a breeze. The LG1015 drops into 2" eyepiece holders, and uses your telescope's optics directly for pinpoint guiding accuracy. This method is superior to using guide-scopes, which can flex with respect to your main telescope. The filter compartment is located past the pick-off prism, on the camera side of the Lumicon Easy-Guider. This allows you to guide with unfiltered starlight. The compact design of the Lumicon Newtonian/Refractor Easy-Guider allows for installation in seconds. The 2" Newtonian/Refractor Easy-Guider requires 0.85" of "back-focus (see Easy Guiders under Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs).

Notes: For use with SLR cameras; digital imagers may require an extension piece. The following accessories are required for photography: A guiding (reticle) eyepiece (or auto-guider) and a camera-specific T-ring.

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