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Orion Sirius 120ED EQ-G Refraktorius su 2 ašių varikliais


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  • Gamintojas: Orion (USA)

Orion Sirius 120ED EQ-G Refractor with Dual-Axis Drive

  • Superb 120mm ED optics and fine craftsmanship compare to large refractors costing thousands more
  • Premium system excels for observing or photography of deep-sky and planetary targets
  • Sirius EQ-G Dual-Axis Equatorial Mount provides stability and control
  • Includes dual-axis electronic hand controller. GoTo Hand Controller can be purchased separately
  • Comes with 2" mirror diagonal that accepts 1.25" eyepieces, 26mm Pl?ssl eyepiece, and 8x40 finder

For the most demanding amateur astronomer, this premium telescope combines superb optical performance, rock sold stability, and precise automatic object location at a remarkably affordable price. Comparable to big refractors costing thousands more, the 120ED EQ-G is worth considering if you are really serious about observing or photography.

The optical system is simply stunning. Delivering 43% more light grasp than 100mm optics, the 120ED expands your reach into deep space while providing more detail and higher magnification for planetary work. FPL-53 extra-low dispersion (ED) glass in one of the two lens elements and 900mm focal length (f/7.5) mean stars, planets, and the lunar limb will show their true colors without chromatic aberration. All air-to-glass surfaces are fully multicoated.

The Sirius EG mount and dual-axis controller combine to give you stability for high-power photography and viewing. You can upgrade to a GoTo controller at any time.

This deluxe system includes a CCD autoguider port for photography, periodic error correction (PEC), latitude and azimuth adjustments for polar alignment, and an illuminated polar axis scope. The tripod features 1.75" stainless steel legs and a cast metal spreader plate.

Requires a 12-volt DC power source, such as Orion Dynamo Pro (#2307), or an AC-to-DC adapter (#7728) for use with household 110-volt power. One-year limited warranty.

Orion Sirius 120ED EQ-G Refractor with Dual-Axis Drive
Use Astronomy
User level Level 3
Optical design Refractor
Optical diameter 120mm
Focal length 900mm
Focal ratio 7.5
Optics type Air-spaced doublet
Glass material Extra low dispersion FPL-53
Eyepieces included Sirius Plossl 26.0mm (1.25")
Magnification with included eyepieces 35x
Resolving power 0.96arc*sec
Lowest useful magnification 17x
Highest useful magnification 300x
Limiting stellar magnitude 12.2
Optical quality Diffraction Limited
Finder scope 8x40
Focuser 2" Crayford
Diagonal 2" 90-deg Mirror Star
Mount style Equatorial
Astro-imaging capability Lunar, planetary & long exposure
Dovetail bar system Yes
Motor drive compatibility Clock drive included
Computerized compatibility Go-To system
Tracking rates Sidereal, Solar and Lunar
Motor speeds 3.4-deg/sec, 64x, 32x, 8x, 4x, 2x, 1.75x, 1.5x, 1.25x
Motor type Microstep driven 1.8-degstepper motors
Bearing material Sealed ball bearings
Power requirement 12-volt DC - 2A (tip positive)
Latitude range 20-66
Setting circles Yes
Polar-axis scope Included
Counterweights One 11 lb.
Available ports Autoguider port
Tube material Aluminum
Tripod material Steel
Tripod leg diameter 1.75 in.
Counterweight bar length 8 in.
Diameter of counterweight shaft 18mm
Height range of mount/tripod 42.00 in. - 55.00 in.
Length of optical tube 37.5 in.
Weight, optical tube 10.2 lbs.
Weight, mount/tripod 32.0 lbs.
Weight, fully assembled 69.0 lbs.
Additional included accessories 2" Mirror diagonal, Sirius Dual-Axis hand controller
Other features Machined Aluminum Lens cell, 2" Crayford focuser with 1.25" eyepiece adapter
Warranty One year

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