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Coronado SolarMax 40 teleskopas


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The SolarMax 40 telescope has the same aperture as the P.S.T. but is distinguished by several key factors. The SolarMax 40 telescope comes standard with a < 0.7 angstrom bandpass which results in increased surface detail across the disk. A T-Max attached directly behind the etalon gives you the ability to adjust for Doppler shifted light. Bino-viewers and most imaging equipment will come to focus, sometimes with the use of a Barlow or OCS. These features plus enhanced surface detail make the SolarMax 40 telescope a more versatile instrument with remarkable solar images.
The SolarMax 40 telescope comes standard with a clamshell mounting ring and hard travel case. Optional accessories include CEMAX series eyepieces and Sol Ranger sun finder.

Coronado Solarmax 40 telescope
Use Solar observing
Optical design Refractor
Filter aperture 40mm
Focal length 400mm
Focal ratio F/10



Thermal Stability

0.005 Å/°C

Safety Blocking

>10-5 from EUV/IR

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