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Coronado SolarMax 60 teleskopas


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For those looking for more aperture we proudly present the SolarMax 60 dedicated H-alpha telescope. Built to our exacting standards the SolarMax 60 telescope provides the user a telescope with the same lightweight portability of our SolarMax 40 telescope but the extra aperture greatly increases the resolution of detail on the surface and on the limb. With over twice the surface area of the SolarMax 40 telescope the difference is obvious.
The SolarMax 60 telescope comes standard at <0.7 Angstroms with a BF10 and is available with an internal module to lower that to <0.5 Angstroms. A T-Max attached directly behind the etalon gives you the ability to adjust for Doppler shifted light. Bino-viewers and most imaging equipment will come to focus, sometimes with the use of a Barlow or OCS. The advantage of the extra aperture becomes clear each time you view.

Coronado Solarmax 60 telescope
Use Solar observing
Optical design Refractor
Filter aperture 60mm
Focal length 400mm
Focal ratio F/6.6



Thermal Stability

0.005 /C

Safety Blocking

>10-5 from EUV/IR

Ši prekė į katalogą buvo įtraukta Ketvirtadienis 03 rugsėjo, 2009.