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Coronado SolarMax 70 CaK teleskopas


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See the Sun in a new light! The SolarMax 70 CaK is based on our popular SolarMax 70 telescope design. Coronado has developed a filter system for a unique instrument that allows this instrument to focus on the transmission line of CaK centered at 393.4 nanometers. This layer of gas is at a lower and cooler level of the Chromosphere than one observes through H-Alpha filters and provides new (and often predictive) information on solar activity and weather. The thermally stable interference filters allow you to view the chromospheric network of ionized calcium emissions that are created when super granulation cells sweep through magnetic fields where they collect and strengthen.

This emission line will not be visible by eye to all observers and the primary use of the SolarMax 70 CaK telescope is for imaging. CCD, DSLR, and most digital formats will be compatible with the SolarMax 70 CaK. What you will capture with this new instrument are plage, active regions, and magnetic storms in a layer of ionized calcium gas that appears in a violet/blue hue.

Coronado Solarmax 70 CaK telescope
Use Solar observing
Optical design Refractor
Filter aperture 70mm
Focal length 400mm
Focal ratio F/5.7



Thermal Stability

0.005 /C

Safety Blocking

>10-5 from EUV/IR

Ši prekė į katalogą buvo įtraukta Ketvirtadienis 03 rugsėjo, 2009.