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Meade heavy duty LXD75 German EQ GO-TO montuotė


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Sturdy Mount with Heavy-Duty Castings Designed by Meade’s engineers and manufactured for high-performance observing and astrophotography.

Shaft & Bearing System The sturdy German Equatorial Mount is accurate and precise. The RA and Dec axes move effortlessly on four highprecision stainless steel ball bearings.

High-Precision Worm Gears Located on both axes for smooth tracking and slewing.

High-Precision Pointing (HPP) For even more precise pointing use the HPP function. HPP puts objects in the center of the field-of view which allows you to confirm deep sky objects at the faintest limits of the telescope’s capability.

Periodic Error Correction Corrects periodic errors on the RA axis over the course of one or more training periods, thereby minimizing guiding corrections during long-exposure photography.

9-Speed Drive Controls From a rapid slew rate of 4.5°/sec. to 1x sidereal—it’s all controlled from the AutoStar controller. 3-Star Alignment Ensures precise alignment. It eliminates the need for a complicated optical/mechanical alignment process.

Heavy-Duty Tripod Variable-height field tripod with spreader bar brace provides the stability and vibration damping required for visual observation and astrophotography.

Illuminated Polar Alignment Viewfinder For quick, precise polar alignment.

Power Supply Powered by 8 D-size batteries. Can also be powered by optional car cigarette lighter or AC wall adapter.

The mount comes with a 10 lb. sliding counterweight that will balance payloads of up to approximately 15 lbs. The counterweight is locked in place on the counterweight shaft by a single hand-tighten lever, making it easy to rebalance your scope if you change accessories.

Additional accessories:

  • Optional adapters with 25' cords are available for uninterrupted AC and and 12 volt DC car battery operation
  • An additional 10 lb. counterweight is available as an option
  • The LXD-75 comes without an optics mounting plate, should you already have one on your existing optical tube. If you do not have an existing dovetail plate on your optics, or if it is not the appropriate width (1.6" to 1.75") to fit the LXD-75 mount dovetail slot, an optional dovetail saddle plate is available for mounting your optical tube.

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