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Orion Epic ED-2 serijos okuliarai


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  • Gamintojas: Orion (USA)

Orion Epic ED-2 Series Eyepieces

Now you can enjoy comfortably long eye relief, a wide 55° apparent field, and brow-raising resolution from eyepieces that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Our remarkably affordable Epic line is the ticket. And you can thank ED for making them so good.

Excellent Color Correction
No, ED is not our resident optics whiz. “ED” stands for “Extra-low Dispersion” optical glass, a special grade of glass that boasts superior refractive properties compared to standard optical glass. In fact, ED glass is the same type used in many expensive camera lenses and high-end refractor telescopes costing several thousand dollars!

An Orion exclusive, Epic 1.25" eyepieces feature a six-element lens design in which two of the elements are crafted from ED glass (hence, ED-2). This allows each Epic eyepiece, from the 22mm down to the 3.7mm focal length, to provide a luxurious 20mm of eye relief with remarkably reduced chromatic aberration and excellent sharpness. Long eye relief means that even if you wear eyeglasses, you can take in the full, unconstricted field of view. Which is a generous 55°—a wider apparent field than that of Plössl eyepieces! Notice also that even the short-focal-length Epics sport nice, wide eye lenses—not small peep-holes! Another advantage of the Epics’ unique optical design.

Parfocal and Fully Multi-Coated
Epic ED-2 eyepieces are fully multi-coated (every air-to-glass lens surface is multi-coated) for maximum image brightness, and the lens edges are blackened for improved contrast. The series is parfocal, so little or no refocusing is needed when switching from one Epic eyepiece to another.

The eyepiece housings are precision machined from aluminum and clear-anodized to a lustrous finish. A black rubber traction ring ensures a secure grip, and a soft rubber eyeguard helps position your eye and block out stray light. The barrels feature a setscrew recess for added security, and they’re threaded on the inside to accept 1.25" filters. Each eyepiece comes with two end caps and a durable plastic case.

Epic eyepieces are ideal for viewing all types of astronomical objects, from planets to nebulas and galaxies.

With performance that’s a definite step above Plössls, for a price that’s not much higher, Orion Epic ED-2s represent an exciting new entry in affordable, quality eyepieces.

Item# Description
08227 3.7mm Epic ED-2 Eyepiece
08228 5.1mm Epic ED-2 Eyepiece
08235 7.5mm Epic ED-2 Eyepiece
08229 9.5mm Epic ED-2 Eyepiece
08230 12.3mm Epic ED-2 Eyepiece
08231 14mm Epic ED-2 Eyepiece
08233 18mm Epic ED-2 Eyepiece
08232 22mm Epic ED-2 Eyepiece
08234 25mm Epic ED-2 Eyepiece

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