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TS HR 2-25mm okuliarai


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HR Planetary Eyepiece - Focal Length 2.5mm up to 25mm - High End Eyepiece - designed by TMB

HR Planetary eyepieces are probably amongs the most versatile eyepieces available today. Despite its many possible applications no compromises have been made in the performance. The eyepieces are perfectly suited for observing planets, the moon, deep sky objects as well as for projection photography with DSLR or compact digital cameras.

-- Observing the Moon and the Planets ... a very high contrast and image definition, especially on the optical axis, make the HR Planetary eyepieces the ideal companion for demanding planetary and lunar observing. Due to the very good viewing comfort you can see even finer details without having to strain your eyes.

-- Observing Deep Sky Objects: Nebulae and Galaxies ... compact Deep Sky Objects are often difficult to see because they are often very faint. The HR Planetary eyepieces are fully multicoated and offer a high image definition for a bright and clear image. This makes them ideal for observing such compact objects.

HR Planetary Eyepieces ... Perfect Viewing Comfort

HR Planetary eyepieces were made for best possible sharpness and contrast on the optical axis, as can be expected from good planetary eyepieces. Quite different from most other planetary eyepieces however the HR eyepieces also have a very good viewing comfort, a long eye relief and a larger field of view!

Each HR Planetary eyepiece has an eye relief of 16 millimetres and a lens diameter (of the exit lens) of almost 20 millimetres !!!

The long eye relief can be perfectly utilized by each user by simply adjusting the extendable eyeguard. By this each observer can find the perfect observing position. That is a feature normally only found in much more expensive eyepieces! The HR Planetary eyepieces are suitable for eyeglass wearers, even the short focal length eyepieces!

Features of the Planetary HR Eyepieces:

Excellent Image Sharpness On-axis image sharpness is practically perfect, like a really good Orthoscopic eyepiece. Sharpness throughout the field of view remains without visible deterioration. As a result the eyepieces are considered by many to be even superior to Orthoscopics!
No Kidneybeaning Cheap eyepieces and too extreme wide angle eyepieces often suffer from "Kidney-Beaning". When you move the head only slightly a black, kidney-shaped shadow will cover a part of the field of view.

This effect is nearly eliminated in the Planetary HR eyepieces.
Suitable for Binocular Viewers Planetary HR eyepieces are very well suited for binocular viewing. You will have no trouble looking through both eyepieces at the same time without getting into a conflict with your nose. The adjustable eyeguard offers a perfect observing position for critical binocular viewing.
Image Quality Many tests have demonstrated that the HR Planetary eyepieces have an excellent optical performance. Compared with similar eyepieces the HR eyepieces are on the same high level of quality. The eyepieces are sourced directly from the factory as A-grade products.

The HR eyepieces are the latest evolutionary step of this eyepiece design. Some other eyepieces may look similar, but they do not necessarily reach the same high performance.


Lens Layout The lens layout of the Planetary HR eyepieces was designed by Thomas Back, a renowned optician who also designed high quality apochromatic refractors! The eyepieces have a long eye relief and a large, perfectly corrected field of view. A particularly important detail: The image sharpness is excellent throughout the entire field of view.
Full Broadband Multicoating Planetary HR eyepieces have a broadband multi-coating on all glass-to-air surfaces. They have an excellent transmission and contrast. Ghost images and internal reflections are effectively suppressed
Barrel Size The Planetary HR eyepieces have a 1.25" barrel with safety undercut. Each eyepiece has the standard 1.25" filter thread.
Field of View The Planetary HR eyepieces have an apparent field of view of 60°. This is a very comfortable field of view that can be fully appreciated and processed by the human eyes. A larger field of view offers a better overview of the surroundings of an object. In addition you can keep an object inside the field of view for longer periods in a telescope without tracking motor.
Eye Relief The HR Planetary eyepieces have a long eye relief of 16mm. The eyeguard is adjustable freely for optimum viewing comfort.

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